The Gospel Comes with a House Key

This book is hands down the BEST book I’ve ever read on Christian hospitality. It also fueled me to evangelize as much as the best books on evangelism or the nations.

If anyone has the credentials to write a book on this topic, it’s Rosaria Butterfield. The book traces moments in her life that shaped her, growing up in an atheist home full of hardship, taking on the feminist movement and a lesbian lifestyle of community. “If only Christian neighbors would have reached out,” she states often.

One pastor and his wife did reach out. The Lord saved her through constant fellowship with them in their home where she heard and saw the gospel. It’s obvious that she sees herself in the unbelievers she now lays down her life to serve.

Rosaria shares numerous stories of their hospitality—how hard it is, yet how the Lord blesses it. You will close this book ready to open your home, not because you have much but because Jesus is more than enough, despite what you have, despite who they are, despite your weakness.
*I received this book from @crosswaybooks for an honest review.