ESV Gospel Transformation Study Bible


I’m currently doing Nancy' Guthrie’s Bible study called Son of David. Her study walks through the historical books of the Bible and helps you trace Jesus and the kingdom of God in each. When Crossway sent me this Bible, I got excited to see how it would aid my studying.

One thing immensely helpful has been the introduction to each book. Each introduction not only talks about the context of that individual book but the Bible’s context as a whole. It mentions Jesus when introducing the book of Joshua, for example, as it should given the story of Joshua shows Jesus in shadow form. It also gives an outline to help you see the story line unfold, making it easier to stay focused on the main theme as you read.

This Bible’s purpose is to challenge readers to see how the message of the gospel transforms sinners from the inside out by showing Christ and the gospel of grace in all of scripture. It includes cross-references and never before seen articles written by a team of over 50 plus pastors and scholars.

I’m enjoying this Bible as I dive into deeper study of the doctrine of grace.

*Crossway gave me this Bible to provide an honest review.