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You know how perfectionists struggle to NOT find their worth by how well they perform? Well, I help remind them they will always fall short in this life. So, it’s just not worth all the comparing with others and sleepless nights of worrying and endless lists of do’s and don’ts with the hope of bettering their self and their life.

Believe me.

I’m here to help the perfectionist set their hope fully on Christ so the next time they’re tempted towards utter despair or restless striving, they’ll remember the only one who can give them true and lasting hope.

There is a real feeling of hopelessness when we fail. We feel like we will never measure up. We want to get up and try harder. We want to remove anything standing in our way. And when we do this, we either fail again and the cycle continues, or we succeed only to realize our hope of what success would bring doesn’t last.

What is our hope then? Christ.

We must take our eyes that sit obsessively on ourselves and set them on him.

So this isn’t your typical embrace-your-imperfections-and-keep-doing-you- blog—with a little Jesus on the side. This blog encourages you to admit you’re a sinner, to hate your sin, to turn fully to Christ and follow him by living a life of faith in obedience to God—one that measures up to his standard, not the world’s, and is judged according to the blood of Jesus Christ his Son.

Jennifer Brogdon is a...

wife to Shane and a mom to Brooke and David (ages 2 and under 1). She and Shane met while running Cross-Country and Track and Field at Mississippi College. After graduating, she spent 6 months with Youth With A Mission in Switzerland and West Africa. She came home to marry Shane and began coaching at her former university while also teaching English as a Second Language in the Intensive English Program.

Today, Jennifer works at home with her children and teaches the Bible to women her local church.  She currently serves as an intern at The Gospel Coalition and writes for public platforms such as Desiring God, Risen Motherhood, and more.

For hobbies, she enjoys running, reading, and traveling as well as watching classic movies that feature Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Doris Day, to name a few. She and her husband Shane are members of Grace Community Church in Jackson, MS, and plan to live cross-culturally in the near future.