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For many years of my life, I thought the more success I could achieve, the more successful I would be as a Christian. I also strove to be a woman in a man’s world simply because women in my generation had the opportunity. I worked hard to succeed academically, athletically, and in ministry. I was confident I would achieve my dream career, but I didn't. My desire to succeed did not always come from sin. Sometimes I truly desired God's glory in whatever he blessed me with. Other times, I thought he owed me success since I vowed to give him credit for it. 

The more I matured in Christ and in womanhood, the more God drew me to domestic responsibilities and a desire to stay at home if God gave me children one day. Yet with pressures of the world and the goals I set at such a young age, I continued down the path of my will until I failed. Thus, through failures, God showed me he didn't care as much about my success on this earth as he did my faith, and he desired me to fulfill the role of a godly woman—not a man. I realized God’s kingdom sits "upside-down" to the world and its values. It’s contrary to my natural thinking and motivations. 

Jennifer Brogdon is a...

stay at home mom to Brooke and a wife to Shane. She and Shane met while running Cross-Country and Track and Field at Mississippi College. After graduating, she spent 6 months with Youth With A Mission in Switzerland and West Africa. She came home to marry Shane and began coaching at her former university while also teaching English as a Second Language in the Intensive English Program.

Today, Jennifer ministers to college runners and international students while teaching women's Bible studies at her church and developing discipleship relationships.  She currently works as an intern at The Gospel Coalition and writes for Desiring God, Unlocking the Bible, and more. For hobbies, she enjoys running, reading, and traveling as well as watching classic movies that feature Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and Doris Day, to name a few. Because of her love for books, Jennifer enjoys doing business for Usborne Books and building her children's libraries at the same time. She and her husband Shane are members of Grace Community Church in Jackson, MS, and desire to become move cross-culturally.