An Apology to Women Who Do Plexus

I mentioned Plexus in my most recent article at Desiring God, so I wanted to make clear what I was trying to say in even mentioning it. A reader brought to my attention what they discerned from it and how they were offended. 

My intention was never to point out that women who do Plexus are all indulged with temporary satisfaction, nor was I connecting it to dressing immodestly and primping and overspending. I was trying to give isolated examples of how we women can fall into the temptation to seek temporary satisfaction, and I specifically mentioned Plexus as one example of a new business trend but for no specific reason other than to provide an example. 

I do not think it's wrong to do Plexus. I do not think it inhibits you as a Christian. My point was to get us women to evaluate if we are putting more hope in temporary things than the things of God. I hope you agree that that is possible to do with Plexus and many other things. We can talk more about these things than the gospel and Jesus Christ. We can become comfortable in doing our business or trends as a ministry but we aren't actually ministering or getting uncomfortable to share the gospel through this avenue because it's what everyone else is doing and even how a lot of Christians are spending their time.

Similarly we can dress like the world or spend our lives like the world with little attempt to take risks such as living counter-culturally for the sake of Christ. I do think it's wrong as Christians to dress immodestly to show that you are fit and promote your products though.

I do not think I made clear what I was trying to say and for that I am sorry to offend anyone. I will always welcome emails that show concern. I did not see it until someone brought it to my attention and neither did any of my editors at Desiring God. We saw it as an example of a tendency to put more hope in--not as a sure thing.

I agree it looks more negative to the company than I intended. I hope anyone who was offended accepts my apology and understands more of what I was trying to say. 

Thank you, 

Jennifer B.