Merciful Monday

Universally, we call Sunday the start of the week. For me, Sunday is the last day for me to rest from the previous week. Monday brings new work in the home and more to do lists to make. Thus, Monday starts my week, and it gurgles and croaks like the cord of a lawnmower to get going.  Mondays are rough. I kick myself harder to wake up. Then to get out of bed. Then to get in the Word. Then to make a to do list. Then to start a task. Then to finish a task all while I am also side-punching myself to not lay down for a nap (keep in mind I'm 23 weeks pregnant... but that's not an excuse:)

Psalm 100:2 says,

"Serve the Lord with gladness."

If I need to memorize one verse for my Mondays, it would be this one. Hold on. Let me write on my to do list to memorize this verse. Now, why should I serve the Lord with gladness on a Monday?

It's a new day! I am not guaranteed to wake up every day, but God has chosen to give me breath.  I am thankful to wake up--even though it is Monday--and serve my God who gave me another day.
James 4:13-15, Ps. 90:13, Lam. 3:23, Is. 40:6-8
I have the gift of eternal life! I shall pass from death to life. I want to gladly serve my God who plucked me from my deserved destination in Hell.
John 5:24
God is with me through the Holy Spirit. He has given me the gift of himself to dwell with me and never leave me.  He is with me in whatever task I have to do today, and for that I should be glad because I love him!
John 16:7-8, Eph. 1:13-14, Heb. 13:5
I am an ambassador for Christ.  I have the glorious truth of the gospel and want it to transform my heart on Mondays along with every day so that God will be glorified.  I have the glorious truth of the gospel and want it to transform others from darkness to light--from dead to alive.  May I serve my God who entrusts me with his gospel with all gladness!
2 Cor. 5:20-21, 1 Thess. 2:4, Rom. 12:1-2