When a Son Turns One

When a son turns one

It feels like he becomes a man

He begins to walk without my hands

And speaks real words not gibberish

He weans from me and feeds himself

Big foods like green beans and carrots

And stuffs his mouth until he’s done

When a son turns one

Oh, it’s not fair—is it?

It’s only the beginning of him getting older

And being grown

And out on his own

I will blink and my son will depart from these walls

Into the halls

Of a dorm so soon after he merely turned one

Don’t stay a baby

I don’t want that to be the case

But can’t you still look at me the same?

And won’t you love me like you do today?

When a son turns one

It’s the beginning of his launch out of my arms and into manhood

Just remember me please—if you could

You’re only one, my dear son,

But you’re one year closer to needing me near to none.